Inter-Nord, the only French Arctic review that is both international and interdisciplinary, was founded by Professors Jean Malaurie and Fernand Braudel in 1960 at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS). The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) was later involved in the publication of the review. In 2021, Jean Malaurie appointed Jan Borm as the new Chief Editor of this prestigious review which is now published by the Malaurie Institute of Arctic Research Monaco-UVSQ.

The 22 issues published to date contain articles of more than 300 authors representing a polar encyclopedia of over 6500 pages. Inter-Nord accepts scientific articles, as well as pieces of creative writing, interviews, book reviews and other writings about the Arctic. It also welcomes illustrations of artwork.

Call for papers for the next issue.


Latest Issue

ISSN 2971-1487 (Online)

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Previous Issues

ISSN 0074-1035 (Print)

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Inter-Nord 1987 (#18)

Inter-Nord 1982-1983 (#16-17)

Inter-Nord 1978 (#15)

Inter-Nord 1974 (#13-14)

Inter-Nord 1972 (#12)

Inter-Nord 1968-1970 (#10-11)

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Inter-Nord 1962 (#4-5)

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