On 14th December 2023, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia organized a seminar on “The Role of Polar Research in Strengthening Geopolitical Security” in conjunction with the Polar Research Centre of the Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences at the University of Latvia. The event gathered scientists, civil servants and businessmen.

Latvia is indeed a Baltic country but due its proximity to the Arctic, the Latvian government has decided in 2021 to apply for the status of observer in the Arctic Council. The application has since been postponed after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the subsequent change in the activities of the Arctic Council, but Latvia’s interest in the Arctic still remains, especially in the field of climate change and its mitigation.

Latvia dec 23

Photo credit: Edmunds Brencis

The first session of the event focused on geopolitics and security in the Arctic while the second session was devoted to polar research, especially transnational research programmes and climate change in the Arctic. During this session, Professor Jan Borm focused on long-term Arctic studies and climate-related research at MIARC.  

As a conclusion, the event addressed innovative industries such as robotic solutions for dangerous polar missions or green energy in polar environments. 

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