Jean Malaurie will celebrate his 101th birthday next week on 22th December. Ahead of the occasion, Joelle Rostkowski and Jan Borm will share their thoughts on Jean Malaurie’s life and career.

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Joelle Rostkowski and Jan Borm invite us to discover more about Jean Malaurie. Not only will they recall his greatest achievements, among which his being the first man ever to reach the North Geomagnetic Pole, but also his vigorous advocacy of the rights of the Arctic’s First Peoples, especially the Inuit.  

Beyond the great explorer and scientist, they will highlight the man, always committed to defend both humanity and nature, interested at the same in the most tangible aspects of our world - stones- and in the most ethereal aspects of the universe - the infinite.

The programme will be broadcast on 15th December, 12:05pm – 13:00pm, on Fréquence Protestante Radio (100.7 FM).

Listen live to the programme (in French):

Image: copyright Bruce Jackson.


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