The exhibition “Arctic Twilight” held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, January 18 to 25, 2024 showed pastels by Jean Malaurie painted in the period from 1950s until now. 

The exhibition was organized by UNESCO in cooperation with MIARC and Galerie Orenda (Paris). More than 100 guests attended the opening of the exhibition with speeches notably by Assistant Director-General of UNESCO Vladimir Riabinin, Director of MIARC Jan Borm and Jean Malaurie’s son Guillaume Malaurie.  

The video “Arctic Twilight” by artist Edith-Laure Rostkowski presents the exhibition and provides an overview of Jean Malaurie’s professional career, his artistic work and major books.

The mask “A just man” made by Alaskan native artist Rebecca Lyon as a homage to Jean Malaurie which serves as MIARC’s logo was also on display during the exhibition.

See Edith-Laure Rostkowski’s video here



The last trip by Edith-Laure Rostkowski © 2024 (homage to Jean Malaurie)

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