The international conference: « De nouveaux corpus littéraires dans le nord et l’arctique » (New Bodies of Literature in the North and the Arctic) will be held at the Cégep of Sept-Îles in Quebec, Canda, March 14-15, 2024. It brings together researchers from Canada-Quebec, France, the Faroe Islands and Norway interested in the uncovering of corpora through research, publishing, translation, the writing of literary histories, digital presentations, studies, and teaching.

For a long time, the North and the Arctic were simplified by an outsider's viewpoint, which downplayed certain cultures and literatures in favour of a coherent overall vision, but which masked the diversity of perspectives and cultural expressions of the men and women who live there. Over the last twenty years or so, we have seen not the emergence (since these cultures have existed for a long time), but the unearthing of bodies of work that are at once indigenous, regional, national, cross-cutting or historical, defining new paradigms for literary bodies of work, and revealing, through literature, the richness and diversity of literary works from the North.

The international conference has been organised by the Laboratoire international de recherche sur l'imaginaire du Nord, de l'hiver et de l'Arctique at the Université du Québec à Montréal, the Groupe de recherche sur l'écriture nord-côtière (GRÉNOC), the journal Littoral at the Cégep of Sept-Îles and The Malaurie Institute for Arctic Research Monaco-UVSQ, as part of the research project 'From Nunavik to Iceland: Climate, Human and Culture through time across the coastal (sub)Arctic North Atlantic' (NICH-Arctic, financed by the Belmont Forum) and the Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la littérature et la culture au Québec (CRILCQ).

Jan Borm is going to talk about Moravian accounts of Labrador in German, as well as English and French translation.



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