MIARC continues its cooperation with the research group Collecting Norden during the workshop on Museum Objects: Collecting, Constructing, and Comprehending “Norden”. 

The event takes place in Copenhagen from October 19-20. It is organized by members of the Nordic research group Collecting Norden (University of Oslo and Oslo Metropolitan University) as well as members of the Centre for Business History (Copenhagen Business School) and financed by the Nordic University Hub ReNEW (Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World) of the University of Helsinki.

Researchers from the University of Oslo, Oslo Metropolitan University, Copenhagen Business School, University of Gothenburg, Edinburgh Napier University, Árni Magnússon Institute and MIARC, in the person of Jun. Prof. Joanna Kodzik, will explore research ideas which encourage collaborative relationships focusing on museum research in and of the Nordic countries. The emphasis of the workshop is on developing a more formal research network on Nordic Museology, grounded in the research project Collecting Norden’s research foci, with the planning of future activities.

MIARC’s activities are inspired by and valorize among others the Arctic collections of Jean Malaurie, France’s most distinguished Arctic specialist, donated by him in 2022 to the Institute of Oceanography/Prince Albert I of Monaco Foundation.

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Image: Pixabay/Bob

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