The complete bibliography of Professor Jean Malaurie’ s works as well as texts written about and with him had been prepared by Alexandre Delangle (MIARC). It is available on MIARC’s website.  

Introduction by Alexandre Delangle

Spanning over more than 75 years, the intellectual work of Jean Malaurie (1922-2024) captivates us both by its coherence as far as his research activities are concerned and its loyalty to the causes he pursued. A true scholar, who experienced solitude in the résistance and during his geographical missions, he showed commitment in his teaching career and received the laurels of international decorations, the author of The Last Kings of Thule (1955) has left behind an exceptionally prolific production. Going beyond the methodological dogmas of his time, his approach overcame academic boundaries and combined the analysis of natural elements, sensibility to spirituality and the study of societies – both for their interrelations and internal organization. A large number of media have transmitted his legacy over the decades, enriched by Malaurie’s prefaces and forwards to the nearly 100 volumes of the prestigious book series of narrative ethnography and life stories “Terre Humaine” (Human Earth) je founded at Plon Publishers in Paris, in 1955, symbolizing his own academic momentum “from stone to man”. Other media cannot be forgotten either, in particular those destined to the general public whom Jean Malaurie regularly called out for action.

Indirectly, this bibliography charts the itinerary of a geographer who became, in his own words, an "anthropo-geographer", as well as the gathering of those sharing the desire to take an off-centered perspective on human groups and their practices. This compendium follows an adventure that is both scientific and internal, along with the journey of a wild and creative mind from the Hoggar Mountains in the Algerian desert to the Siberian alley of whales on the island of Yttygran, via the geomagnetic North pole and the Canadian Red River. By including studies and articles dedicated to Jean Malaurie’s œuvre, this bibliography witnesses the monumental dimension of a career integrated into its time with 22 books written by Malaurie (or 106 including reissues and translations), 137 chapters in collective works and 177 scientific papers, out of a total exceeding 1250 references, including 234 books, 164 book chapters, 239 scientific papers and 155 magazine articles. This compilation extends the first undertaking accomplished by Sylvie Devers, librarian at the CNRS-EHESS Center of Arctic Study, who listed all the works published from 1948 to 1998 in typescript format. Once converted to digital format, the chronological continuity of the bibliography also had to face the challenge of foreign translations (given here in their original order) as well as online references. For the sake of clarity and thoroughness, this compilation is organized in two main parts. The first one takes up the work carried out by Jean Malaurie himself; a list that would not be complete without the mentioning of his congress reports, maps, documentary films, but also of atypical initiatives such as the interactive immersion in the Inuit world on CD-ROM. The second part, almost comparable with the first one in proportion, brings together both the works dedicated to him and those involving his indirect participation, including his interventions in the media. Finally, the bibliography remains open to new additions by going beyond the publication of Jean Malaurie's latest memoirs in the year marking his hundredth anniversary by the inclusion of a section bringing together the various tributes paid by the institutions and his former traveling companions.

Bibliography of Jean Malaurie


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