Jan Borm (MIARC) and Philippe Charlier discussed the life and career of Jean Malaurie. Philippe Charlier is head of the "Terre Humaine" collection (founded in 1955 by Jean Malaurie) at Plon publishing house.

As a naturalist, anthropologist and writer, Jean Malaurie led 31 missions from Greenland to Siberia: a life dedicated to research and exploration in the Arctic, but also to the defence of the interests of polar peoples thanks to his role as UNESCO Goodwill ambassador.


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From left to right: Jan Borm,  Nicolas Truong (Le Monde, head of "Idées & Débats" section) and Philippe Charlier. Photo credit: Sylvie Rostain.


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 From left to right: Philippe Charlier, Jan Borm, Rémi Paolozzi. Photo credit: Sylvie Rostain.


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