Marie received a PhD in Anglophone Studies from the University Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle (2003), having also completed degrees in History and Political Science. Her doctoral thesis focused on “The Challenge of Digital Technology to the Regulation of Telecommunications and Broadcasting: the Case of the United Kingdom”. It received special mention at the Research Awards ceremony of the French National Institute for Broadcasting (2004).

Marie has been involved in several EU-funded projects, among which:

  • ERUM: improving scientific communication, reinforcing the educational offer of universities in the field of media studies, fostering collaboration between academics and media representatives.
  • ERASMUS GOES GREEN: estimating the carbon footprint of the Erasmus programme, offering diverse options to reduce and offset it, creating a digital tool to foster the use of greener means of transport by students and staff.
  • HLITL: identifying the best mobility schemes in order to develop students’ and staff skills and competences while taking into account the duration and modality of mobilities (physical, virtual or blended).
  • NORM: removing structural or personal (physical, social, economic) obstacles to student and staff mobility.

Her research interests include digital content/networks and international relations. She currently works on identifying the audio and video archives related to Jean Malaurie.

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